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Excel Marco’s Marine Radio Communication System is a complete package for all communication requirements of an offshore drilling rig. It comprises of the GMDSS radio equipment and specifications complying with the IMO and SOLAS rules, as well as incorporating other radio  communication requirements to suit the vessel’s operational needs.  Various sub-systems include:

  • MF/HF Radio System

  • VHF Radio System

  • INMARSAT C & Fleet Broadband

  • NAVTEX and Weather Fax

  • SART and EPRIB

  • Portable VHF Radio

  • Aeronautical VHF/AM Radio

  • Non-Directional Beacon

  • Crane radio System

  • PAGA, PABX & CCTV Systems


  • Integrated Consoles for GMDSS and application specific radio requirements

  • Modular console design, Fit-for-Purpose and configured for layout of individual rigs 

  • Meeting IMO and SOLAS standards for all GMDSS Sea Areas

  • Fulfilling all radio requirements for offshore drilling rigs, including aeronautical, Non-directional Beacon and crane radio.

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