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Vessel Management System

There various types of drilling rigs such as submersibles, jack-ups, drill ships and semi-submersibles. Most of the newly constructed rigs are equipped with high-tech Vessel Management Systems (VMS).

The main function of the VMS is to monitor and control equipment on-board the rig including:

  • Machine

  • Fire Damper

  • Tank Level

  • Ballast

  • Pre-load Remote Operated Valve

  • Bulk Transfer


Design of the VMS is shaped by marine and offshore codes and standards to provide operational functionality without compromising personnel safety and marine environment. The codes and standards are applicable depending how these rigs are classified. To list a few:

  • Rules For Building And Classing - Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

  • IEEE 45 Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard

  • IMO Resolution A.649 (16) Code for Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

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