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Jan 31, 2009

Excel Marco has successfully completed the commissioning of the turn-key Instrumentation & Communication systems for Super M2 Jack-Up Drilling Rig Hull 104 - Seawolf Oritsetimeyin in January 09. The rig is a Friede and Goldman (F&G) design with 30,000 foot rated drilling depth and an operating water depth capability of 300 feet (92 meters). Oritsetimeying is also the world’s first F&G Super M2 model to be built in the Middle East.

The commissioning activities were challenging due to the scope and complexity. Our site engineers had to juggle their time to complete the commissioning activities as well as coordinate and supervise our various vendors. As this rig is Maritime Industrial Services (MIS) first F&G design Super M2 Drilling Jack-up rig, we faced many challenges and had to solve the problems alongside our customer. The experience gained by our team will prove to be an invaluable knowledge for Excel Marco to excel as the premier solutions provider for jack-up rigs.

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